Welcome to the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC)'s Youth Advisory Panel (YAP)'s blog. The DECC YAP is a group of young people aged between 15 and 25 from all over the UK, with a wide-range of backgrounds, from academia to activism.

Our aim is to inform everyone and anyone about DECC's activities and likewise to help DECC understand and take into account the concerns of young people. We are a medium of consultancy and conversation. Much of our work looks at finding a 'Pathway to 2050', reviewing how energy with be supplied and used in the next four decades, so follow us and join us on the journey!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

YAP takes forward 2011 agenda

The Youth Panel met last week to take forward its plans for 2011, with very exciting results. As the new Chair of the Panel, it's fantastic to see everything taking shape so well and so quickly!!

We have been asked to make one of our intitial focusses working with young people across the country to gain an understanding of what the energy and climate change debate means to them - do they feel involved? Do they feel it affects them? And where do they seem information when they want to know - or do - more? It would be fantastic to hear more from everyone on this topic - get involved!!

The Panel is spread all round the country, and will be visiting sites of nearby interest - if you'd like us to come and see you - or you'd like to come and see us, do get in touch via elizabeth@think2050.org.

We were then really grateful to two DECC policy teams who met with us to discuss CCS (carbon capture and storage - mainly used for capturing the carbon emissions produced by burning coal) and land-based renewables.

CCS is being trialled in Scotland at Longannet, with much testing taking place. The carbon is extracted from emissions using a chemical wash, with the carbon then transported either as liquid or gas through pipelines. The test pipeline runs from Longannet to the Goldeneye Platform at sea, with carbon travelling 200km past Aberdeen. The aim is to cluster coal fired power stations and other industry together, to minimise the number of pipelines required. DECC believes that CCS is essential, and the Panel will be learning more about this emerging technology, and challenging the policy makers with key questions.

On land-based renewables, our major focusses will be around bioenergy, which can be produced in a number of different ways. Renewable energy presents exciting new ways of providing clean, fair energy, but sometimes comes with its own challenges. It can be created through waste, sewage, forestry, crops ... but we have to understand how land will be used, and how this will effect local communities. Jade Mitchell, one of our new panellists for 2011, has a special interest in waste and will be publishing a blog talking about that side in more depth very soon!

If you have any comments or feedback, or want to get involved in our work, do get in touch at the email above.


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