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Our aim is to inform everyone and anyone about DECC's activities and likewise to help DECC understand and take into account the concerns of young people. We are a medium of consultancy and conversation. Much of our work looks at finding a 'Pathway to 2050', reviewing how energy with be supplied and used in the next four decades, so follow us and join us on the journey!

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Report Launch: An Account

The Youth Panel with Minister, Charles Hendry
The work of the past few months has come together, and we produced a hugely exciting document ( "Energy: How Fair Is It Anyway?"). We hope to have opened up many opportunities for young people to participate in the decision making process, especially when the decisions are to affect our and future generations.

The Launch

We started the day with meeting Charles Hendry (Minister for Energy and Climate Change) to discuss the report, the work and the future of the Panel within the Department. As ever, Charles Hendry was receptive and enthusiastic about us, and we look forward to working with him more closely in the coming months.

Rt Hon Charles Hendry with panellists Michael Furey and John Northall
The rest of the afternoon was spent preparing for the official launch event. Around 60 people attended from DECC, charities and relevant businesses.

The Launch was chaired by the ever-brilliant Kirsty Schneeberger, who has co-ordinated the Youth Panel over the past months to great success. David McKay, the chief scientific adviser at DECC, was first to speak delivering his thoughts on the panel. Then Panellists Luke Hughes, Alice Hemming and Tom Youngman presented the Youth Advisory Panel, our work, experiences and the findings of the report itself to the attendees.

Alice, Luke and David MacKay, DECC chief scientist
Afterwards, we went to communicate via live web links with groups that are attending the COP16 climate conference in CancĂșn – the British Council's 'Climate Champions' and the  UK Youth Climate Coalition. Also, there was a video-chat with members of Young Friends of the Earth Europe at another conference in Brussels (for European activists that couldn't make it to CancĂșn). It was great to feel that the work of activists in the UK was concurrent with others across the globe and that the solution we as a Panel are seeking in the UK is being resonated internationally.

Overall the event was a huge success. Our relationship with the people at DECC has strengthened and we are now starting to get a better understanding of where we fit in with the work of the department. We look forward to working with the department in the future.

The event was streamed live online and live-blogged - if you want to feel part of the action, you can view a replay of the live blog.

- Unkha Banda & Tom Youngman

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